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NEOBOND aluminium composite panel consists of two aluminium sheets between with a middle layer in between - polyethylene or mineral filler. Panel types:
  • NEOBOND® (filler: polyethylene, class E according to standard EN 13501-1)
  • NEOBOND®/FR (refractory mineral filler, class B-s1, d0 according to standard EN 13501-1)
  • NEOBOND®/A2 (refractory mineral filler, class A2-s1, d0 according to standard EN 13501-1)

Advantages and Properties of the Material

  • Ease of processing
  • Flexibility. Ability to transform into any complex forms
  • Weather resistance. Resistance to aggressive environment
  • Surface stability and evenness
  • Stiffness/strength
  • Light weight (from 5.6 kg/m2 to 8.2 kg/m2)
  • Cost efficiency
  • Energy efficiency
  • Fire resistance
  • Vast variety of colours and surfaces
  • Original architectural solutions

WI-702 porcelain white

WI-703 ivory

WI-701 pure white

WI-733 beige

WI-706 light grey

WI-719 yellow

WI-722 green

WI-727 blue

WI-728 red

WI-730 black

RAL 7016 anthracite grey

RAL 7021 black grey

RAL 9010 pure white

WI-708 silver metallic = RAL 9006

WI-711 champagne metallic

WI-714 sea green

WI-700 copper metallic

WI-731 bright silver

WI-734 smoke silver metallic

WI-735 bronze metallic

WI-736 sand golden

WI-737 dark grey metallic

WD 87401 Ash tree

WD 87418 Rustical oak

WD 87340 Yew

WD 87115 Alder

WD 87426 Cherry

WD 87373 Bog oak

WD 87400 Mahogany

WD 87042 Ebony

WS 87111 Granite

Zinc Look II natural grey*

Zinc Look II mediun grey*

Zinc look II dark grey

WAVE silver metallic

WCH 84098

WCH 84095

WCH 84099

WCH 84097

WCH 84101

WCH 84096

WCH 84088

WCH 84102

WCH 84100

WI-001 Brushed

C31 Silver Bronze*

С32 Light bronze*

C34 Dark Bronze*

C35 Black*

C0 Silver*

C2 Light Gold*

Black Galaxy

Natural copper



Patinated copper Look

Colours and Textures

Solid colours
Metallic colours
Wood imitation
Stone imitation
Zinc imitation
Patinated copper imitation*
Chameleon colours*

Panels have a special coating that reflects different parts of the spectrum depending on the angle of view.

Anodized surface
low profile (wavy) surface
Natural copper

Panel with a copper layer of 0.3 mm thick on both sides. The unprotected surface of copper sheets is oxidized in the open air and a layer of natural patina is formed over time.

Natural stainless steel

Composite panels, laminated on both sides with stainless steel sheets, for use in the most aggressive environments.

Individual decor

Items marked with * are available upon request. Minimum order quantity applies

Individual colours and colours from RAL, Pantone, NCS catalogues are available on request. Minimum order quantity applies

It is necessary to assemble composite panels in the same direction, as indicated by the arrows on the protective film in order to avoid differences in gloss and reflection (metallic, chameleon, natural metal).

Colour differences may occur between panels from different production batches.

The entire required amount of material for the project must be ordered as one batch.


In addition to the standard colour palette available in stock, we offer lamination of aluminium composite panels with highly efficient
PVC films for long-term outdoor application.

The surface is mirror glossy or matte.

Glossy films give brightness to the facade, in turn matte films prevent light reflections.

Useful lifetime is up to 10 years.

The possibility of lamination extends the standard colour palette by more than 100
colours and allows you to create a bright and unique style of the building facade.

Lamination of panels is especially topical for projects with a small volume of panels of special colour.